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SKU: 0012
  • Triglycerides in oils are converted to solid at low temperature. Advanced cooling technology is used for targeted oil parts. The thickness of the fat layer, which is exposed to this sensitive cooling, gradually thins without damaging the surrounding tissues.



    Technicial Specifications:


    AC 110 V/220V 50-60 HzPower: 800VA

    Display: 10 inch, color, touchscreen
    Cooling: -13, -5°CPressure: 0-100 KPaCooling Water: Pure Water
    Time: 0-120 min.
    Fuse: F2AL250VWork 
    Temperature: 5°C – +40 °C
    Atmospheric Pressure: 80Kpa – 106KpaPack Size: 60 x 57 x 138

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