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SKU: 0003
  • 2D Hifu is one of the world's newest and most powerful technologies in skin rejuvenation. The hypo facial device is used to strengthen and increase skin elasticity and clarity as a result of making new collagen of cheek, chin and neck skin, rejuvenating and stretching facial skin, reducing facial lines and wrinkles, reducing wrinkles.



    Technicial Specifications:


    Adjustable energy: For 1.5mm cartridge: 0.1 2J, for 3mm 
    cartridge: 0.1- 2J , For 4.5mm cartridge: 0.1 - 2J
    Cartridges: 1.5mm 3mm 4.5mm
    Electrical safety class: I
    Distance between dots: 1-2 mm
    Functional part type: BF
    Degree of protection against ingress of liquids: IPX1
    Weight: 6.5Kg

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